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From Tobias Bocanegra <tobias.bocane...@day.com>
Subject behavior of jcr:lastModified in jackrabbit 2.0
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 21:12:08 GMT
the spec of JSR283 defines a new mixin node type:

[mix:lastModified] mixin
  - jcr:lastModified (DATE) protected? OPV?
  - jcr:lastModifiedBy (STRING) protected? OPV?

"This mixin node type can be used to provide standardized modification
information properties to a node. Since the properties are protected,
their values
are controlled by the repository, which should set them appropriately upon a
significant modification of the subgraph of a node with this mixin. What
constitutes a significant modification will depend on the semantics of
the various
parts of a node's subgraph and is implementation-dependent."

Since the "protected" attributes are variant, we can implement them as we wish.
i would like to have a "good" jcr:lastModified behavior that is
directly provided by the repository.
OTOH when dealing with files (nt:file) uploaded from a filesystem, it
probably makes sense to transport the last-modified of the original

we need to define:
1) does jackrabbit support automatic jcr:lastModified computation ?
2) if yes, do we make it protected ?
3) what operations on which scope affect which jcr:lastModified properties
4) does changing the jcr:lastModified property trigger an observation event?

at a first glance, i would say:
1) yes, please support it
2) no, keep it writable
3) all changes (except versioning and import operations) in an
mix:lastModified aggregate affect it's last modified property. the
aggregate is defined as sub-tree below a mix:lastModified node,
without all other mix:lastModified sub-trees.
4) don't know - probably not

regards, toby

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