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On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 21:57, Dan Diephouse
> Wondering if I
> have some freedom here. Otherwise it's going to end up a big ugly it looks
> like...

as an alternative we could try to add a new class, which leaves
RelationQueryNode untouched. but on the other hand that will introduce
a new method in QueryNodeVisitor. so we're back to square one.

I guess, no matter what we do there's always a chance that existing
code will break.

I was able to change this with just a small amount of breakage... getRelativePath() now returns PathQueryNode instead of Path. I don't think there is anyway around this...  I doubt anyone is even using this API oustide of jackrabbit, but I could of course be wrong.

Sorry this has taken so long to get on, but it's now top priority for me. I was able to construct a QueryNode model alright, but now I'm pondering the actual query itself. Hoping maybe you can confirm a few things.

When I do the query "/people//jcr:deref(@worksfor, '*')[@ceo = 'McNealy']" I get a lucene query like:

+(_:PROPERTIES:1:ceo[McNealy _:PROPERTIES:1:ceo[1:McNealy) +DerefQuery(DescendantSelfAxisQuery(+ChildAxisQuery(+ChildAxisQuery(_:PARENT:, {}testroot), {}people), _:PROPERTIES_SET:1:worksfor, 1), null, 1:worksfor)

Now switching this up to /people//*[jcr:deref(@worksfor, '*')/@ceo='McNealy'] I'm wondering what the query should look like (is there an API for testing these queries quickly/easily by just typing in a query string?). I'm a bit stuck as I kind of need to do the opposite of the DerefQuery - instead of returning the bitset of all the UUIDs in the @worksfor property, I need the UUIDs of all the nodes which match @ceo='McNealy' and see if they match the @worksfor property.

So maybe I would want something like this? I've annotated it with my comments which 

+DescendantSelfAxisQuery(+ChildAxisQuery(+ChildAxisQuery(_:PARENT:, {}testroot), {}people), // returns all the child nodes of //people
      // the subquery of DescendantSelfAxisQuery which return a bitset which is subsection of the //people query. Unlike the 
      // DerefQuery it won't return the children, it'll return the parents
                +_:PROPERTIES_SET:1:worksfor   // the sub query which contain the UUIDs which we can match
                _:PROPERTIES:1:ceo[McNealy _:PROPERTIES:1:ceo[1:McNealy, // the query which will return the nodes to intersect with the sub query
                null)   // No name test - we'll match any node with the @worksfor property

(I called it ReverseDerefQuery because it in essence is acting in reverse of the DerefQuery. Returning parent UUIDs instead of children)


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