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From KÖLL Claus <C.KO...@TIROL.GV.AT>
Subject Reindexing a workspace ...
Date Tue, 19 May 2009 06:58:36 GMT

we are thinking at the moment about disaster recovery strategies for our environment.
one point is a complete reindexing of a workspace when a index will become corrupt or
we lost the data on the disk ... should not happen :-) 

at the moment we would restart the repository at night to reindex the workspace.
this is in the near future no more possible because the data will grow up to a size
where it is more possible to reindex the workspace on a weekend so we have a little problem.

in the current implementation the reindexing process will block the workspace till it
is finished. is it possible to implement it in that way to reindex the workspace in a background
thread ?

i am not so skilled with indexing so maybe somebody can give some hints to that ..


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