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From Florent Guillaume ...@nuxeo.com>
Subject Re: Chemistry / CMIS status
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 10:11:28 GMT
On 28 Apr 2009, at 11:31, Dominique Pfister wrote:
> Just a quick thing I noticed while working on a JCR implementation of
> your API, in the methods that return collections, e.g.:
>    List<ObjectEntry> getChildren(String folderId, BaseType type,
>            String filter, boolean includeAllowableActions,
>            boolean includeRelationships, int maxItems, int skipCount,
>            String orderBy, boolean[] hasMoreItems);
> Instead of having this extra boolean-array parameter "hasMoreItems" in
> order to return more than one value from this method, don't you think
> it'd be more appropriate to create a new class for the return type,
> containing both the collection and this flag?

Yes, it would certainly be more object oriented. Currently the call  
sequence is very C-like, because in the initial version I wanted to  
have something lean without drowning into additional DTO classes. But  
certainly, in a coming refactoring we'll provide a small class to wrap  
whatever results are needed. There's another place where I used a  
similar passing style, boolean contentCopied[] for the checkIn()  
method. Here too I'll put a proper class to be OO.

> I did not see where this argument was actually used, so would it  
> even be possible to entirely omit it?

It's not used yet but it's specified by the CMIS domain model  
definition and the protocol bindings, so it'll get used eventually.

Keep in mind that this getChildren method is part of the low-level SPI  
(which you have to implement for a new backend of course), in  
actuality an application user will just see the Folder.getChildren()  
method whose API is much simpler. I'm finishing up a cleaner  
separation of API from SPI that I'll commit in our Mercurial this  
afternoon, and anyway we'll talk about this more in Basel tomorrow I  


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