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From Dan Diephouse <dan.diepho...@mulesource.com>
Subject Understanding Jackrabbit's lucene syntax
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 18:53:45 GMT
This is probably a rather obvious question, but I'm trying to understand the
queries that Jackrabbit is putting together and figured I'd fire off an
email to see if anyone could help me out quick. My xpath query is
"//child[foo/@foo = 'bar']" and the lucene query is:
+(+(_:PROPERTIES:1:foo[bar _:PROPERTIES:1:foo[1:bar) +name() = {}foo)
+DescendantSelfAxisQuery(+ChildAxisQuery(_:PARENT:, {}testroot), name() =
{}child, 1)

Why are there two "_:PROPERTIES:1:foo[bar" ?

(I'm hacking on https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCR-1659 which is why
I'm asking)


Dan Diephouse
http://mulesource.com | http://netzooid.com/blog

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