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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Authentication about Jackrabbit
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2009 09:07:46 GMT
hi yanjie

it depends on the jackrabbit version you are using

prior to 1.5:
- jackrabbit shipps with a simple LoginModule for authentication
- ... and with a simple Access Manager to handle authorization
- in order to achieve your goals you would need to write your
   own LoginModule and AccessManager implementation
- and configure them in the repository.xml

jackrabbit 1.5 in addition contains
- early state implementation for the upcoming jsr283 security
   functionality (access control management) and
   jackrabbit specific extensions for user management.
   but this is still work in progress and may undergo
   heavy changes.
- due to this fact the standard repository configuration
   doesn't expose that new functionality by default but
   still the simple version.
- see the o.a.j.jackrabbit/api/jsr283/security and
   o.a.j.jackrabbit/api/security sections to get some
   ideas what's going to be present.


yanjie wrote:
> HI everyone:
> I login with "admin" and  created a user "a"  and didn' t join any group 
> , however the user "a" can create all delete node and seems to have all 
> privileges to handle the default workspace. why ? can I realize the 
> authentication to handle the workspace. For example , only I grant 
> privilege to a user , the user will have the privilege to handle the 
> specified path's nodes?
> Thanks!
> 2009-02-26
> yanjie

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