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From imadhusudhanan <madhusudhana...@gmail.com>
Subject Response for put request ...
Date Sun, 22 Feb 2009 10:03:10 GMT
Dear All,

    I have a Warning in the windows client saying "An error while copying some or all the
files". I had extended the SimpleWebDavServlet and written a custom doPut() method that overrides
that of the AbstractWebdavServlet so that any put request is redirected to my FileStore instead
staying in JackRabbit repository. But as a response I use the following code ...

                   DavPropertyNameSet dns = new DavPropertyNameSet();
                 MultiStatusResponse msr = new MultiStatusResponse(resource, dns);
                 MultiStatus ms = new MultiStatus();

    I hope it sends a multi - status response, but I get that error warning in windows WebFolders
client and nothing shown. Any suggestions how I do I send a response for doPut() after a successful
upload ??
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