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From Florent Guillaume ...@nuxeo.com>
Subject Re: Working on CMIS
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 10:19:11 GMT
FYI the Mercurial repository I'm setting up is at:
You can browse the first cut of the first part of the API at:
(I'm doing it in spec order for now.)


On 20 Feb 2009, at 09:54, Florent Guillaume wrote:

> Hi all,
> Yes the architecture I want is the one also outlined in David's  
> slides. I propose that the code be structured like this:
> cmis-api
> Interfaces based on the CMIS spec, but made Java-ish
> cmis-client
> cmis-client-atompub
>   Client using AtomPub
> cmis-client-ws
>   Client using SOAP
> cmis-server
> cmis-server-atompub
>   Server using AtomPub
> cmis-server-ws
>   Server using SOAP
> cmis-commons
> Common utility classes used by client/server parts, for instance:
>   - a simple implementation for Document, Folder, etc.
>   - a parser and AST for SQL queries
> cmis-tck
> Some upcoming, *unofficial* tck for CMIS, basically lots of unit tests
> jackrabbit-cmis2jcr
> The implementation of cmis-api on top of a JCR repository
> cmis-webapp-atompub (or cmis-sample-browser ?)
> The sample webapp connecting to a remote CMIS repository using AtomPub
> The code existing in the sandbox would be moved to fit in the above  
> hierarchy, nothing is lost.
> I've started working on the refactoring in a Mercurial repository  
> here at Nuxeo (just the cmis-api for starters), and I'll provide  
> patches as soon as all the tests pass. I'll give you a URL for the  
> repository when it's set up today.
> The refactoring will basically have to define (a first draft of) the  
> CMIS Java API, and change the clients and server to use them as  
> intermediate datastructures.
> How does that sound?
> I'd like to use org.apache.cmis as the package base for all the cmis- 
> * bundles, does anyone foresee a problem with that?
> Thanks,
> Florent

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