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From KÖLL Claus <C.KO...@TIROL.GV.AT>
Subject AW: Workspace.copy() Question ...
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 10:07:02 GMT
Hi Thomas,

>Instead of returning an InputStream, Jackrabbit would return a
>DataStoreInputStream with the additional method getDataIdentifier().
>Then the module can read the identifier, check if the item is already
>processed, and avoid reading the data itself if this identifier is
>already processed. 

What does this exactly mean ? would you store the dataidentifier in the index 
and so in all modules ?

But what will you do in the case if you try to copy
a node internaly .. the datastore should know that he must not read the binary
to prevent extra read and write to the datastore.

>For text extraction, a separate
>file may make sense, but probably not for 'virus scan' because that's
>only a flag (you don't need the data). Thumbnails: for better
>performance you want to keep them together, and not save them
>separately (that is, in the data store).

can you explain this a little bit more .. i dont know what 
viruscan and thumbnails have to do with that problem.

i think i can not follow your thoughts at all 


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