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From "Jop Zinkweg - Initworks B.V." <zink...@initworks.com>
Subject Re: WebDAV in Atlassian Confluence
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2008 10:48:44 GMT
Hi Philip,

Windows support for WebDAV is notoriously bad, but it does offer more 
than discussed here.

I've spent quite some time getting it all to work, and I've documented 
my progress on our wiki:

 From Windows XP and up it is possible to mount a webdav repostory as a 
'local drive' allowing text editing and other useful stuff.

There are a lot of bugs/issues depending on the version of the webdav 
client, but I've gotten it to work reliably on XP and 2003.

I hope my examples/fixes work out for you, since it's quite a nice 
feature to have once it's all up and running.


Jop Zinkweg

Philip Cher wrote:
> Hi Julian,
> Thanks alot! That helps clear some doubts that I had on this issue =)
> Regards,
> Philip
> Julian Reschke wrote:
>> Philip Cher wrote:
>>> ...
>>> Is there anything wrong somewhere that might cause the text file not
>>> editable? And is there anything else for me to do to make text files
>>> editable besides mounting differently as I described above?
>>> ...
>> That's a Windows issue, not a Jackrabbit issue. It applies to *any*
>> WebDAV server.
>> The answer: the MS Webfolder client is just an explorer extension; you
>> can browse folders, delete files, copy and move files around, that's it.
>> Everything else beyond that depends on the Windows application
>> supporting WebDAV directly -- for instance, MS Office does, most others
>> don't.
>> BR, Julian
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> Regards,
> Philip Cher
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