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From Sébastien Launay <sebastien.lau...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject VersionHistory cleanup (JCR-134)
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2008 13:16:24 GMT
Hi all,

I need a fix or a work around on the JCR-134 [1] issue.

Indeed, i create a lot of nodes with versions and when they are useless
we remove them (the nodes and all its versions) but the disk space used
in 'repository/version' is bigger than before creating these nodes.
This is because there are more and more orphan VersionHistory nodes
in the version storage branch.

Some solutions have been proposed but none of them have been
implemented as they are either complex or expensive.

I would be happy to create a patch for the right solution.

I do not know what the right solution is but using a ref count on the
VersionHistory node in custom property as Cédric Damioli said
might be a good start...

A work around might be to provide a method for cleaning orphan
that can be launched periodically by Jackrabbit or by the application...

What do you think ?


[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCR-134

Sébastien Launay

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