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From Naresh Devnani <nareshdevn...@gmail.com>
Subject Question on TCK
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 08:12:53 GMT
Hello Team,

I am developing a JSR-170 interface for a content repository and started 
testing my code using TCK, that I downloaded from Day's website. There
are some tests that are failing and when I looked at TCK source, I found
some issues in the code. So, I contacted Day to find out if there is new 
version of TCK and they asked me to send the email to this list.

I looked at Jackrabbit 1.4 source for tests and I could see that the
issues I encountered have been fixed. Can I just include these tests 
classes in TCK web-app or is their a official version of TCK which I 
have to use for my testing? As per TCK docs, I should not be modifying 
TCK web-app and hence I wanted to confirm before I change the test jar file.

Thanks for your help.


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