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From Christian Sprecher <christian_sprec...@magnet.ch>
Subject node type managment: current state and possible directions?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2008 04:40:13 GMT
Hi all

I have read several posts regarding current and future directions
regarding node type management. I see that an issue has been created
(https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCR-322), but the discussion
there seems to be stalled. 

What I am currently wondering is: how *should* node type management work
in your opinion? E.g. looking at the following scenarios:
* a new node type is defined requiring a (not yet) defined node type (as
mandatory property, for example)
1: fails instantly
2: fails the first time a node of such a type is created
3: fails the first time such a node is persisted
(I would expect nr 3)

* a property is declared as being mandatory, but there are existing
nodes of this node type having no such property  
1: fails instantly
2: assumes a default value for this property
3: fails the first time such a node is persisted (being either a new or
an updated one)
(hmm, no clue here :))

* a node type is removed, but is used in another node type definition
1: fails instantly
2: replaces all appearances of this node type with its parent up the
hierarchy (hmm, might be tough with multiple inheritance, but hey :))

* what does happen with older versions of nodes that become incompatible
with the new definition? Are node types versioned too?

I am sure that there are more scenarios, but currently I am more
interested in your general stance on this issue. Especially what is to
be considered part of JCR 2.0 standard and what will be

Thx for your feedback

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