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From "Esteban Franqueiro" <esteban.franque...@bea.com>
Subject Re: Component releases, proposed solution
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 14:03:47 GMT
>> * Jackrabbit 1.4.1, including core 1.4.1
>> * Jackrabbit 1.4.2, including core 1.4.2
>> * Jackrabbit 1.4.3, including jcr-commons 1.4.1 and jcr-rmi 1.4.1
>> * Jackrabbit 1.4.4, including core 1.4.3
>> * Jackrabbit 1.4.5, including core 1.4.4
>> * Jackrabbit 1.4.6, including core 1.4.5
> Generally I agree, but I know that something like jackrabbit 1.4.6
> containing a 1.4.5 core jar would be very confusing when users report
> a problem. Couldn't we make an exception that the most important
> component jackrabbit-core always gets the same version number as the
> overall release - which would imply that sometimes core gets a version
> number increase without an actual code change.

I agree with Alex here. But I think that the Jackrabbit version should be the same as the
version, so that we should release a new version only when there are changes in core. Why
a whole new version for a simple, low impact change in commons? If a change is big enough
that it 
warrants a change in versions, it probably also affects core.
My AR$2.

Esteban Franqueiro

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