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From jakobitsch juergen <tschyr...@yahoo.com>
Subject SimilaritySearch help needed
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2008 13:33:25 GMT
Hy there, 

i can't get SimilaritySearch to work :

in my environment i'm extracting keyphrases [ kea ] from given texts. i'm 
saving the texts along with the keyphrases and finally want to be able
to select similar texts based on the extracted keyphrases. i tried a couple
of xpath-queries [ xpath - newbie , i should admit ], none of the worked as i wanted it to.

at the moment i'm using the follwing structure for my texts [ i'm willing to change if necessary

      +2sea:BlogEntry [ @2sea:BlogEntryTitle, @2sea:BlogEntryContent ]
         +2sea:Key [ @2sea:Phrase ]

for example :

2sea:BlogEntry 1 :
@2sea:BlogEntryTitle = "aloha 21"
@2sea:BlogEntryContent = "java is a wonderfull programming language"
     @2sea:Phrase = "java"
     @2sea:Phrase = "programming language"

2sea:BlogEntry 2 :
@2sea:BlogEntryTitle = "welcome 23"
@2sea:BlogEntryContent = "programming languages like java or perl..."
     @2sea:Phrase = "java"
     @2sea:Phrase = "programming language"
     @2sea:Phrase = "perl"

so these should similar based on the key->Phrase

is this possible anyway or do i have to have a certain structure to be able to get similar
it might help to just have a property 2sea:KeyPhrases with a String[] as Value

any help appreciated 
wkr j


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