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From jakobitsch juergen <tschyr...@yahoo.com>
Subject XPath - Emergency
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 21:01:25 GMT
what am i doing wrong , none of the following xpath queries gives any result
using the following structure

                         Node root = session.getRootNode();
                         Node BookmarkSpace = root.getNode("turnguard:BookmarkSpace");
                         Node NewBookmark = BookmarkSpace.addNode("turnguard:Bookmark");
                         NewBookmark.setProperty("turnguard:BookmarkTitle", RequestContainer.getValueFor("BookmarkTitle"));
                         NewBookmark.setProperty("turnguard:BookmarkUrl", RequestContainer.getValueFor("BookmarkUrl"));
                         NewBookmark.setProperty("turnguard:BookmarkDescription", RequestContainer.getValueFor("BookmarkDescription"));
                         NewBookmark.setProperty("turnguard:In", session.getNodeByUUID(RequestContainer.getValueFor("ParentFolderUUID")));

1. i cant query for jcr:uuid

(i tried every combination with double-slashes, jcr:root in front, with @ and without,...)

2. i cant query for element



3. i'm far from getting rep:similar to work

used the query from the wiki.. :(

4. i'm far from getting turnguard:Bookmarks that have a certain folder-uuid in turnguard:In

//element(*,jackrabbit:help) ??

wkr turnguard

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