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From vijay makija <vijay_makh...@yahoo.com>
Subject Issue with versioning of cloned nodes
Date Fri, 09 May 2008 06:30:42 GMT
    I clone a versionable node1 into workspace2 from workspace1, with base version 1.0. And
I checkout and checkin node1 in workspace1, and I checkout and checkin node1 in workspace2.
Base Version in both workspaces should be same(1.1) but version in workspace1 is 1.1, and
in workspace2 is 1.1.1. What is the reason for this unexpected behaviour? And what is the
way to maintain version consistency in two workspaces?(We have to checkout and checkin both
workspaces seperately, we can&#39;t use node.update()) .

Thanks and regards,
Vijay Makhija

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