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From Alexander Klimetschek <aklim...@day.com>
Subject Re: jackrabbit-core 1.4.3 release plan
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 09:26:57 GMT

I provided the patch for JCR-1428, but didn't have time yet to merge  
it into the 1.4 branch. Would be cool if you could handle that, I  
think it's trivial ;-)

And while we are at it: there were also two tests I added for the 1.3  
branch, where the first one 1419 depends on the dynamic configuration  
I added in 1412. These are probably not suited for 1.4.3 but rather  
for the trunk, since these are tests only.

The dynamic configuration should be moved from the test sources to  
main, but probably needs some refactoring to make things simpler then  
(because I didn't want to touch the original config classes, it has  
some overhead):

JCR-1412 [Patch] Java-based test configuration of Jackrabbit (no  
repository.xml needed)


JCR-1419 Add test for database auto-reconnection
JCR-1420 Add test for Node.restore() may throw InvalidStateException


Am 18.04.2008 um 10:13 schrieb Marcel Reutegger:
> Hi,
> JCR-1428 (Add API for selective bundle consistency check
> (Jackrabbit-specific)) had been made available in 1.3.4 but was  
> never merged into the 1.4 branch. I'd like to have that one also in  
> the 1.4.3 release.
> regards
> marcel

Alexander Klimetschek

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