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From "Thomas Mueller" <thomas.tom.muel...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit 1.5 release plan
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 09:07:07 GMT

>  > There are a number of things going on within trunk, especially in
>  > relation to JSR 283, but for 1.5 these new features only need to
>  > stable enough that they don't break things if people are *not* using
>  > them.
>  This kind of worries me ! I would rather like to have major code changes
>  be done in a separate branch and be merged back into trunk when done.
>  Otherwise, we get a dependency on the state of that respective
>  development, which is not helpfull (at best) or preventing releases (at
>  worst).

I wouldn't branch, or branch as late as possible. If we have enough
test cases (I know...) even major changes shouldn't be a problem.
Branching (and specially merging) is more work.


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