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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit 1.5 release plan
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 09:30:23 GMT

Am Freitag, den 18.04.2008, 11:26 +0200 schrieb Thomas Mueller:
> Hi,
> >  >  If we have enough
> >  > test cases (I know...) even major changes shouldn't be a problem.
> >
> >  Unless, the changes are so big, as they might make it impossible for a
> >  longer time to have regular checkins one one hand and stable builds
> >  (nightlies I should say) on the other hand. In this case a development
> >  branch might be worth it.
> Of course... I was hoping the changes are not that big, but I may be wrong.

I honestly don't know and if the changes are really not build-breaking,
the better.

But the wording "... these new features only need to stable enough that
they don't break things if people are *not* using them..." kind of
worried me and caused my branch discussion. Because if something is in
there, chances are that people are going to use it. And telling them in
bugs, that they should not use it yet because it is unfinished work kind
of sounds not good.


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