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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Jackrabbit Security -> branch or not
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2008 18:11:08 GMT

i have been working for a while now on the security extension
defined by JSR 283 and on JCR-1171.
it's obviously not completed yet, but i have the impression
that i would be favourable to give others the opportunity to
take a look at it... specially christian who spent a lot of
time with the ac before (see JCR-1171).

since this is still work in progress (i.e. not complete),
only partially tested and affects the very details of the
jackrabbit-core, i wanted to make sure there is overall
consensus on the procedure.

from my point of view i have the following possibilities:

- create a temporary branch
   > no troubles for those working on or using the trunk
   > merging horror
   > less pressure if something gets wrong, tests fail...

- start committing to the trunk
   > no merging
   > better chance to detect problems
   > everyone using trunk has to suffer ;)
   > i will have to follow my own time schedule and would
     not be able to run after bugs immediately.

- continue working locally until i'm confident that it's
   mostly finished and until i had time to make sure that
   the overall performance does not suffer to much.
   the pros and contras are pretty obvious and i wouldn't
   write this if was convinced about this option :)

i had a status yesterday where jackrabbit built and
the tests (except from some of mine that currently act
as reminder and the known restore problem) passed.

as i said: this is still work in progress, known issues and
numerous open tasks, high risk that jackrabbit-core is not
stable. in addition i didn't spent any time on performance
analysis yet.

what's your preference?

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