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From Denis Linine <lin...@freesurf.ch>
Subject Re: getOutputStream method of MemoryFileSystem question
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 11:55:44 GMT
Hi Stefan, I created a related JIRA issue, thank you for tacking time 
for checking my suppositions.

Best regards
Denis Linine

Stefan Guggisberg wrote:
>>  I suppose there is a similar problem with the move method of the same class:
>>  when looking in the code it seems that in can accept invalid destinations
>>  (still have no test environment, cannot verify whether this is the case in
>>  practice). For example, if there is a "somefolder/somefile" file and I call
>>  the method passing, say "somefolder/someotherfolder/somefile" as the
>>  destination. I suppose that the destination will be accepted by the code
>>  even if "somefolder/someotherfolder" is not an existing folder, then there
>>  will be a file having the "somefolder/someotherfolder/somefile" path within
>>  the file system having no "somefolder/someotherfolder" folder - the code
>>  should probably check whether the destination path is really a valid one.
> yup, i agree. do you mind creating another jira issue? ;)
> thanks
> stefan

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