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From Paco Avila <pav...@git.es>
Subject Re: Repository BackUp and Restore
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2008 15:43:42 GMT
I've tested JCR-Backup and work... more or less. They are migrating to
Jacrabbit 1.4 because actually only supports 1.3 repositories. And i'm
not sure it exports/imports version history.

El mié, 12-03-2008 a las 18:25 +0530, Joshna Reddy escribió:
> Hi All
> I am working on Project Mirage (https://mirage.dev.java.net) which uses
> JackRabbit as content repository.
> I wanted to backup/restore the entire content when we migrate from one
> database to another. I have gone through some earlier
> mail threads and found about JECARS and JCR-Backup Tools.
> I have tried out JECARS , but it hangs indefinitely after exporting
> namespaces and nodetypes. Look's like it is hanging while exporting content.
> But there is not much content stored in my repository.
> And with JCR-BackUp tool I couldn't try out because ,I couldn't find any
> kind of help or documentation .
> Looks like both of these tools are still in development phase and not fully
> feature complete.
> Can anyone suggest how we can go about , entire repository backup/restore
> ,specially when DbPersistenceManager is used and all the content is
> being stored in a database.
> Restore should be able to import entire node structure ,create tables and
> store the entire content in the new database .
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Regards
> K.Joshna
Paco Avila <pavila@git.es>
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