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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Jackrabbit 1.3.4 release plan
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 19:35:30 GMT

As mentioned before, we have a need to backport some 1.4 improvements
to the 1.3 maintenance branch. As you've probably noticed already,
Alexander Saar from Day is currently working on those backports and
we're planning to produce an official 1.3.4 maintenance release once
those backports are done and tested.

This release plan summarizes the goals and expected schedule of this
release. As before, with this plan I'm volunteering to be the release
manager for this release.

Release overview

Apache Jackrabbit 1.3.4 is a maintenance release with bug fixes and
backported improvements. The purpose of the release is to make
selected Jackrabbit fixes and improvements available to users who are
not yet prepared to upgrade to Jackrabbit 1.4.

Unlike most other patch releases, this release is not restricted to
contain only bug fixes. To counter the wider scope of the release, the
plan is to go through at least one round of release candidates before
the final release vote.

Release contents

The 1.3.4 release will be a "synchronized" patch release like the
previous 1.3.x releases. The most important changes in 1.3.4 will be
backporting the JCR-1197 and JCR-940 issues, as discussed in JCR-1399
and JCR-1400 respectively.

Feel free to suggest other changes to be included in this release. The
current list of issues tagged for 1.3.4 in Jira is:

 [JCR-1399] Backport "JCR-1197 Node.restore() may throw
InvalidItemStateException" ...
 [JCR-1400] Backport JCR-940 to 1.3 branch
 [JCR-1185] building trunk fails with javacc plugin version 2.2

Release schedule

The plan is to have all changes included in the 1.3 branch by the end
of this week, at which point I will tag and build 1.3.4-rc1 packages
for testing and review. Once any remaining issues have been fixed, the
goal is to start the release vote on a final release candidate in


Jukka Zitting

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