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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: properties in collections; nailed the bastard
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 09:23:56 GMT
hi roland

thanks for the great summary in the post before.

Roland Porath wrote:
> Seems I found the issue;


> Jackrabbit persists the properties just fine; it was just the export handler
> (DirListingExportHandler) that has a hardcoded list of properties to be
> exported.

> Got a hack now that works and will write a new handler class that is
> suitable for Webdav users and send it to this mailing list.

if you want to contribute that, feel free to attach it
to an issue... (i will create one).

the actually issue is from my point of view:
DirListingExportHandler should not implement PropertyHandler
at all. it's only use is to display a nice HTML page in case
the collection is requested using GET.
It should not deal with PROPFIND at all...

I'm going to fix that.

> Where is a good place to document things like this? 

I would state limitations in the JavaDoc and in the resource
configuration... but maybe other would look for that in the
Wiki? Don't know.

> There might be more
> people out there who fall into that trap. Well at least I hope I'm not the
> only one. Would make me feel a bit stupid.

oh no!
please keep finding issues and writing your
experiences to the list.


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