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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: properties in collections
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 09:54:39 GMT
hi roland

in order to simplify things let's try not to
mix various levels.
collections, proppatch is on the 'webdav-layer'
itemstates are deep in the jackrabbit core.

if you are dealing with the dav server you shouldn't
have to deal with the latter... and if you do, try to
forget about anything related to webdav. otherwise
it's very hard to follow you.

> When I try to add a property to a collection using PROPPATCH the new
> property is not persisted. The modification date is update. 

maybe simply a bug?
can you please try the following:

- standard webdav resource config (config.xml) as shipped
   with jackrabbit.
- debug what happens upon PROPPATCH on a collection.

if the collection is an nt:folder proppatch should always
fail within the PropertyHandler.importProperties call, since
there is no propertydefinition except the jcr:created which is 
autocreated and protected.

if it fails: is the multistatus response correctly built?

-> if none of them. probably bug in the dav-server.

in a second step you may use your custom config/nodetypes.
basically the same applies here... try to isolate the problem in
terms of:

- is it a dav-server issue? (what exactly is the expected
   outout. does the server code what it is expected to do?)
- do your custom nts behave as you expect them to?
   (i.e. are you able to create the content expected to be
    create by the dav-server using the jcr api?)
- finally, once the other sources have been excluded: what
   exactly happens in the core.

> If adding a prop to a coll is something illegal (for a given config) why is
> no exception thrown or 

the request should obviously not be successful.

either the multistatus should inform about what part
of the PROPPATCH failed (no exception) OR an exception
should be thrown... i.e. request failes with some 4XX
status code.

are you sure neither happens? then it's probably a

> no error logged?

maybe missing log output?

> I did make some changes to the node config that should allow for props on
> colls.

see answer on users-list.

> And now the big one: what do I need to do to make the problem go away?

see above.

> Any help will be greatly appreciated

hope it helped.

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