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From Alex Lukin <lu...@stu.cn.ua>
Subject OCM: inconsistent path parameter
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 19:51:48 GMT
Hi, all!

When I get some objects from JCR by executing ocm.getObjects(query) and then
try to update some of them by execution ocm.update(myObj),
exception is thrown:
javax.jcr.RepositoryException: not an absolute path: tratata

Those objects are elements of mapped by OCM collections form higher level class.
BTW, higer level class update works becaue it has absolute path set at creation time. Paths
of collection
elements are automatically generated by OCM.

As I understand from previous discussion, path in OCM is some kind of unique primary
key so I should be able retrieve OCM object by any operation, modify it  ant then save. If
I do not modyfy path,
operation must be simple.

As I said before, path is not good candidate for "primary key" but anyway behavior of OCM
must be cosistent.
If I get some object I sould be able modify and update it at the same place without any troubles.
May be simpliest solution in this case
is absolute path but I do not know how it will work with versionong and etc.

Fortunately this inconsistent behavior is not critical in my case because all my objects placed
under one node.
SY, Alex Lukin

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