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From Alex Lukin <lu...@stu.cn.ua>
Subject Re: Content Object Mapping - jcrom.org
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 20:06:19 GMT
Tuesday 05 February 2008 20:53:46 Christophe Lombart написав:
> Alex,
> Jackrabbit OCM is also supporting the annotation like JCROM since a long
> time.
> XML support is not mandatory.
I know because I already use it. It works somehow for me and I prefer official things even
when other project looks slightly better.
I speak about "hanging ends" like:

1)  namespace registration, additional node types registration etc that ought to be hidden
from me somewhere inside of OCM init code.
2)  lack of "easy quick start" example. That one on the web is just misleading and it's much
better to replace it with just one line:
"Dig into spources, don't bother reading docs!" Cutting example from tests is not trivial
because of 1)

> Concerning JPA, we can make a small study to check if JPA is really a good
> solution for a JCR backend ...  if someone have time :-)

Pease do it after examples and docs :) 
BTW, writing examples makes one to finally understand what a beast was created and how to
eat it right way! :)

Speacking about missing features in current OCM that can be inspired by JPA ... well, finders.
SY, Alex Lukin

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