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From Padraic Hannon <...@wasabicowboy.com>
Subject [OCM] JPA support
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 17:54:49 GMT
I've started to look into doing this and:

1) javax.persistence.Query doesn't really map well to either the OCM  
query class nor to the OCM filter class I think that both classes  
would have to be heavily refactored or replaced by an implementation  
of the JPA Query class.
2) javax.persistence.EntityManager maps more cleanly, however, given  
that one needs to have the ability to create queries using EJB QL we  
would have to implement some sort of EJB QL parser to translate to sql  
or xpath which would be a bit of a pain

I am sure there are more details I haven't dug up. If JPA is super  
important we could start working on this as I think there are  
advantages for making JCR usage more widespread (it would be nice for  
people to be able to move existing apps to this new paradigm as I  
think it has benefits in terms of simplifying object - data store  


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