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From "Roland Porath" <rol...@exari.com>
Subject properties in collections
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 06:04:23 GMT
Started this thread in users but it's getting a bit nasty now:

We got jackrabbit 1.4 here and are running it as a webdav server.

When I try to add a property to a collection using PROPPATCH the new
property is not persisted. The modification date is update. 
I looked at the ItemImpl.save method and noticed that if I update a property
on a collection I got two items of type PropertyState in the dirty list.
One is the new property one is the lastModified
So far so good, here's the catch
When I do the same thing on a non collection resource I get three items in
the list. Additional to the two guys mentioned above there is another one of
type NodeState.
Now this makes a lot of sense since if I add a property the parent gets

Why does this not happen on collections?
There seems to be a difference in
It is my impression that the node id passed in is not the parent but the
node itself if it's a collection but I might be barking up the wrong tree

If adding a prop to a coll is something illegal (for a given config) why is
no exception thrown or no error logged?
I did make some changes to the node config that should allow for props on

And now the big one: what do I need to do to make the problem go away?

Any help will be greatly appreciated



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