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From Kev Jackson <foamd...@gmail.com>
Subject Webdav servlet and ' characters
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 10:10:32 GMT

I've configured jackrabbit within my webapp and the webdav support is 

I have only one problem, I have a filename:
Avenant Groupe de Gestion d'un Grand Compte.txt

Which when I try to copy into my dav web folder (Windows XP client), 
fails.  I checked the tomcat logs and in the request, the ' wasn't 
escaped (although the spaces were correctly escaped/encoded to %20).

Given the application is deployed where English isn't the main language 
and the users will be uploading files with unicode chars etc, I'm 
worried about more upload failures.  I tried to find the code 
responsible for escaping the filenames, but I couldn't track down 
through the multiple modules (I hate this maven multi-module format as 
it makes life so much harder to find the correct code).

I also checked JIRA to see if there are issues raised concerning 
unicode/quotes unusual chars in filenames, but I couldn't find anything 

So this is a final check in case I need to config anything or in case it 
has been raised previously but my JIRA search was wrong.


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