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From "Esteban Franqueiro" <esteban.franque...@bea.com>
Subject Fw: Realtime datastore garbage collector
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2007 13:43:35 GMT
Re: Realtime datastore garbage collectorHi Thomas.

> > dataStore.removeTransientIdentifiers(addedProps);

> There is a problem with this approach: an identifier can be added to
> multiple properties. Also, it may be used at other places. So you
> would need to keep a reference count as well. Also, you would need to
> be sure the reference counts are updated correctly ('transactional').

Can you provide a test for this scenario?
Regarding the solution adopted, I think it's a good test to have.
I did run a quick test here and it didn't fail, but I'm not sure if it's correct.

> It would be a good idea to implement this, however I think with the
> current architecture of Jackrabbit (having multiple change logs,
> multiple caches, and multiple places where values are used), it is
> beyond my ability to verify that the implementation is correct. I just
> don't know enough about the Jackrabbit core, and there are not enough
> test cases in the Jackrabbit core that would allow automatic
> verification.

> A simpler mechanism would be to store back-references: each data
> record / identifier would know who references it. The garbage
> collection could then follow the back-references and check if they are
> still valid (and if not remove them). Items without valid back
> references could be deleted. This allows to delete very large objects
> quickly (if they are not used of course).

An you elaborate on this? Maybe I can test the idea then.

> When we change the architecture of Jackrabbit (see also NGP) we should
> think about the data store.

Definitely :)
We should change things with per-node concurrency in mind. And may be the data store could
be more 
integrated... I guess we'll see.

> But at this time, I would argue it is safer to keep the data store
> mechanism as is, without trying add more features (adding more data
> store implementations is not a problem of course), unless we really
> fix a bug. I think it makes more sense to spend the time improving the
> architecture of Jackrabbit before trying to add more complex
> algorithms to the data store (which are not required afterwards).

This is not another feature, it's the most useful version of the GC. I think it's critical
for large 
repositories to have a GC that periodically reclaims unused space.

Regarding the scenario I presented, what I would like to know is if we consider it an acceptable

risk or not. I'm still not sure about this issue.


Esteban Franqueiro

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