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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: WebDAV: nt:file question
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2007 10:36:19 GMT
hi felix

> But it is probably not expected.

maybe your expectation is simply wrong. the spec leaves it open
and you have to cope with the flexibility of the specification,
i'd say...

> See the magic: You can attach anything you want as jcr:content; Spec
> proposes nt:resource and WebDAV does nt:unstructured using the same
> properties as nt:resource has ... Now, what should I do in my stupid
> application to get at the binary data of an nt:file ?

i see the following possiblities:

- you change the dav-configuration to specify only one single
   handler that always creates nodes of the same nodetypes (nt:file and
   nt:resources) for all kind of webdav resources.
   in this case you have to live with the fact, that no custom
   properties can be added to your webdav resources.

- you don't change your stupid application and try to guess...
   i.e. search for the jcr:data property.
   i wouldn't recommend this, because someone can go and define
   another set of handlers in the servlet-configuration.

- you make your stupid application use the handlers as well.

in any case i would argue, that you cannot expect your stupid
application to be able to deal with a flexible webdav-server.

> It was with microsling trying to access the binary data of a script
> file.

'micro'... that sounds like: no need for PROPPATCH. no need for
multiple handlers.

i would suggest you simple modify the configuration and use a
single IOHandler, to be precise: use an modified DefaultHandler the 
creates nodes with nt:file/nt:resources only.


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