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From Christoph Kiehl <christ...@sulu3000.de>
Subject Re: AIOOBE in ChildAxisScorer in jackrabbit trunk
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 08:56:15 GMT
Ard Schrijvers wrote:

> when running the same very simple test below in the JR trunk a few times (~5
> times) I get an ArrayOutOfBoundsException in the
> ChildAxisQuery.ChildAxisScorer.indexIsValid(int i) on
> Document node = reader.document(i);
> Did anybody have this before? The simple test is below. Running it a few
> times results randomly in ArrayOutOfBoundsException. Can somebody confirm it?
> I cannot reproduce it with 1.3.1 tag, so there it seems to be fine.
> Does anybody have an idea from the top of his head where the problem might
> have been introduced?

I made some changes to the ChildAxisScorer while working on JCR-1041. 
Unfortunately I don't have the time right now to check if I introduced this bug. 
I'll try to have a look later this day. Feel free to check the affected revisions.


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