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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Apache Jackrabbit 1.3.2 release plan
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 20:24:59 GMT

This is my plan for the 1.3.2 release of Apache Jackrabbit. The
purpose of this release is to push out a number of bug fixes before
the 1.4 release is ready. No new features or other improvements will
be included in this release.

I've already started preparing the release by creating a 1.3.2 release
tag in Jira, tagging issues for the release, and merging easier fixes
to the 1.3 branch. See below for the current list of issues targeted
for this releases:

  [JCR-774]  TCK: Test that expect that modifications made by Session1 ...
  [JCR-811]  SetPropertyAssumeTypeTest check for non-protected string ...
  [JCR-812]  TCK: RestoreTest.testRestoreLabel
  [JCR-813]  TCK: testSaveMovedRefNode
  [JCR-832]  BundleDBPersistenceManager does not free blobStore resources
  [JCR-862]  unsynchronized access on 'itemCache' map in ItemManager
  [JCR-884]  DatabaseJournal assigns same revision id to different revisions
  [JCR-905]  Clustering: race condition may cause duplicate entries in ...
  [JCR-1008] SerializationTest leaks sessions
  [JCR-1034] Unable to save session after saving a renamed node
  [JCR-1038] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while importXML ...
  [JCR-1039] Bundle Persistence Manager error failing to read bundle ...
  [JCR-1049] DatabaseFileSystem: mysql.ddl works for mysql5 but not ...
  [JCR-1051] MatchAllScorer calculateDocFilter() bug
  [JCR-1055] Incorrect node position after import
  [JCR-1065] Workspace{Copy|Move}VersionableTest assumptions on versioning
  [JCR-1068] NamespaceRegistryTest.testRegisterNamespace test assumptions
  [JCR-1069] SerializationTest and AbstractImportXmlTest leak temporary ...
  [JCR-1071] PROPPATCH on collection gets 403 Forbidden
  [JCR-1074] PredefinedNodeTypeTest..getNodeTypeSpec handling unknown ...
  [JCR-1076] Some tests try to add new nodes without specifying the ...
  [JCR-1078] ChangeLog serialization causes cache inconsistencies
  [JCR-1081] bad test assumptions in org.apache.jackrabbit.test.api.lock
  [JCR-1082] cache getting out of sync with transientstore causes ...
  [JCR-1083] SQL parser chokes on prefixes containing a "-" character
  [JCR-1088] WorkspaceRestoreTest extends RestoreTest
  [JCR-1090] Superfluous AndQueryNode in query tree built by SQL parser
  [JCR-1092] Bundle persistence managers node id key store/load is not ...
  [JCR-1095] ReferencesPropertyTest can't deal with multivalued ...
  [JCR-1096] Problems with custom nodes in journal
  [JCR-1101] Observation tests should throw NotExecutableException ...
  [JCR-1109] Resource association not compliant to JTA spec
  [JCR-1110] GetReferencesNodeTest test assumptions
  [JCR-1120] RemoveVersionTest.testReferentialIntegrityException ...
  [JCR-1121] full text search tests use incorrect character for ...
  [JCR-1128] XML import always throws ItemExistsException when trying ...

The only open issue on this list is JCR-832, that already has a
good-looking patch attached.  I'm also considering including JCR-18
(!) and JCR-962, but I need to better understand the potential impact
before doing that. If you have any other issues that should be
included, please let me know.

The 1.3 branch seems stable even with all the merging earlier today,
so it seems like I will be able to post a release candidate already
next week.


Jukka Zitting

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