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From Padraic Hannon <...@wasabicowboy.com>
Subject dynamic mixins and jcr mapping
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 01:19:02 GMT
I was looking at the default object converter (ObjectConverterImpl) and 
noticed that it dynamically adds the ocm:discriminator mixin type to the 
jcr node on insert. Additionally I have been thinking about dynamic 
languages and looking at Freebase, to make a long story short I am 
thinking about dynamic typing of java objects. My thought was that 
through a typing (or tagging) mechanism one could create objects with 
attribute collections whose values could be validated via jcr if one 
could dynamically assign mixins based on a field in that object.

For example, if you have a vehicle feature you may want to tag it as a 
transmission and an option. Each tag (or type) would carry a set of 
attribute definitions that one would want to see on a web page or in a 
data entry system. If you could inspect the object and look at how it is 
tagged you could write those tags in as mixins when persisting to jcr. 
Then jackrabbit could enforce data types, required fields, etc.

This sort of functionality is a no brainer in dynamically typed systems 
such as javascript, ruby, etc. however is not strictly possible in java 
(or at least is way out of my league) via interfaces or superclasses, 
but could be done via a contract (getTags() getTypes() something like 
that) where a method returns mixin names? Does this make anyone 
immediately repulsed? I could submit a patch or two to jira if anyone is 


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