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From Padraic Hannon <...@wasabicowboy.com>
Subject jcr mapping question
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 01:09:20 GMT
We are using the repository pattern for our object retrieval 
(http://www.martinfowler.com/eaaCatalog/repository.html) and I am trying 
to migrate from a typical ORM system (toplink, hibernate, etc) backed by 
an RDBMS to jackrabbit (actually CRX) using the jcr-mapping project.

It appears that for child object the jcr project does what I would 
assume (NTCollectionConverterImpl) and stores the objects that haven't 
already been stored. However, if one does not one a referenced object to 
be a child but rather just a property with a reference then things start 
to diverge from what I would assume would happen. Perhaps, the error is 
in my modeling (entirely possible!), however, I would think that the 
Reference converters for both beans and collections would do more than 
just persist the UUIDs. Would it be horrible if these where updated to 
persist the referenced object is a UUID is not present prior to 
persisting the referenced object? Of course I think it should probably 
update the referenced objects properties if the object already exists. 
Does this make sense? It adds complexity, but it seems like that would 
be the expected functionality.


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