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From "Michael Roberts" <Michael.Robe...@webex.com>
Subject RE: Multiple connections (Was: Jackrabbit, the database)
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 13:46:22 GMT
> A single DB connection can only process a single operation at a time.
> Jackrabbit locks up completely while storing (example: a larger
> - not only for reading but also for writing.
> There has been some improvements AFAIK, but it still applies for write
> operations.
> A simple insert of 10MB will look up JR for few seconds, this is quite
> problem IMO.

This was causing huge problems for us. A quick and dirty rewrite to
remove synchronization and start using connection pools in the PM has
almost completely fixed the problem for us. And though I have no hard
numbers to back this up, it also seems to have made Jackrabbit


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