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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject SPI Contribution: Status
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 13:02:16 GMT

on july 2/3 the SPI workshop took place in basel and i'd
like to summarize both the f2f findings and the overall progress
of the SPI contribution.


- improved memory consumption of the hierarchy implementation
- rm distinction between 'workspace' and 'session' states (JCR-1000)
- first steps to enable batch read (JCR-999)
- various minor bug fixes and improvements

SPI and implementations

- extend RepositoryService to enable batch read functionality
- resolve various todos with implementations
- minor bug fixes and improvements with the implementations

F2F: major findings

(attendees: julian, jukka, bertrand, marcel, angela)

- resolution of open SPI issues (JCR-851, JCR-616, JCR-647, JCR-741)
- resolution of open TCK issues related to SPI (JCR-813, JCR-812,
   JCR-822, JCR 774)
- approved the initial batch-read proposal (JCR-999)
- rm specialized iterator classes within SPI interfaces (JCR-1001)
- a impl. logging SPI calls would be very convenient
- we agreed that it's time to get a first release of the SPI
   and will suggest this to the community
- the SPI interfaces need better javadoc
- we agreed that we prefer to have a Name/Path interface used
   within the SPI interfaces instead of making use of jackrabbit
   commons classes (JCR-996)
- create default impl. for SPI interfaces that ask for bean-style
   implementation (such as ItemInfo et al)
- spi-commons could use the ValueFactory present in commons if
   it was extensible (JCR-997)
- population of NodeTypeRegistry (jcr2spi) should be modified
   according to the latest changes made to NamespaceRegistry.
   -> add RepositoryService.getQNodeTypeDefinition method.
- we will search for common code base with jackrabbit-core again
   and provide suggestions for common usage instead of keeping
   the duplicate code.
- we want to put some effort into optimization of the spi-rmi
- project structure needs to be reviews as soon as we will start
   promoting some subprojects to the toplevel.


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