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From qcfireball <qcfireb...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Question
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2007 16:17:53 GMT

In reply to your p.s., yes, I meant REFERENCE, not REFERENCEABLE.

Here is what we are trying to accomplish.

We have several "sites" {Public, Local, National, Press, etc...} and wanted
to use separate workspaces for each one in order to segment the content. 
However, occasionally, content from one "site" must refer to content from
another "site".  If we implemented this using workspaces, a node from one
workspace will need to refer to a node from a different workspace.

David Nuescheler wrote:
> Hi,
> the JSR-170 spec explicitly states that references are within the
> same workspace only. generally, there are a number of issues with
> cross workspace references. to mention one, your session is
> tied to one workspace and the access to another workspace
> is not obvious without creating another session.
> also, since there can be multiple workspaces with the node
> with that given UUID it would not be trivial to identify the node
> just through the UUID. referential integrity is a whole
> different issue.
> In JSR-283 cross repository and cross workspace references
> are considered as a topic to resolve.
> In my experience I found that a lot of people that were interested in
> cross workspace references were not really looking for all the
> attributes of a JCR reference and either ended up putting all the data
> into one workspace (rightfully so, since the workspace metaphore is
> frequently
> abused as some grouping or even access control mechanism) or
> used for example UUID's as strings and resolved the reference in the
> application
> with a getByUUID() call on the target workspace.
> Maybe you can outline your usecase a little bit more in detail, I
> would be happy to see what suggestions I could come up with.
> regards,
> david
> .ps: I read the property in your example as a "reference" property,
> since there is no
> "referenceable" property. I assume that's correct, right?
> On 7/5/07, qcfireball <qcfireball@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I spent about 2 hours looking for the appropriate forum to post this
>> question.  This one is the best I came up with.
>> Please forgive me, but my question is not Jackrabbit specific.
>> What I want to do is be able to refer from one node via a property to
>> another node in a different workspace.  For example:
>> WorkspaceA
>>     root node
>>         Node 001
>>             Property:REFERENCEABLE, value=??? can I refer to Node 00X,
>> 00000123??
>> WorkspaceB
>>     root node
>>         Node 00X
>>             UUID = 00000123
>> Is this possible in Jackrabbit?  Is this possible in other
>> implementations
>> of the JSR-170?  Is this something that is not defined by the JSR-170?  I
>> have read thru the Spec, and it does not seem to address this, so I am
>> assuming that the JSR-170 does not address this.  It talks about
>> corresponding nodes (which I am not sure I understand yet), but this does
>> not seem to address the question I am interested in.
>> Thanks.
>> > mjkelleher
>> > qcfireball@yahoo.com
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