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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit press release
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 11:30:29 GMT

On 6/29/07, Frédéric Esnault <fesn@legisway.com> wrote:
> About 1.4 release of Jackrabbit, I'm less enthusiastic, because I think some
> issues should definitely be addressed, or at least discussed and if the decision
> is to do nothing about them (yet), some damn good reasons should be found
> and organized into a clear and convincing "counter-attack" speech.

Nothing is ever perfect, and the best any project can do is to evolve
towards perfection. Personally I find milestones in this process to be
much more interesting and newsworthy than reaching a plateau where
nothing much happens anymore.

> Why am I saying this? Simply because going public means bringing on the
> project many people's attention, and most of them will only notice the problems
> and limitations of the product.

I think that Jackrabbit is already (and has been since the 1.0
release) very useful for a variety of users, and would be ready to
reach for ever wider audiences (just did a Jackrabbit presentation in
the Jazoon conference).

Are you saying that a too big portion of new users are going to
encounter and be burned by problems or limitations in Jackrabbit? I'm
actually happy to see some complaints and concerns coming from users
as that's an important way to identify and prioritize things to be
fixed. But of course I don't want a majority of users to turn back in
disgust and never come back.

> And I think there is not enough progress about some major issues
> (administration (checkForReferencesInContent, checkForConflictingContent,
> trivial changes on node types only...) , queries (no joins, no dereferencing in
> predicates,...)).

More users means more contributions means more progress... :-) We very
much depend on users to report back issues, to possibly suggest fixes,
and to perhaps even become a part of the development team.

> Jackrabbit 1.4 will definitely be enjoyable, some points are very interesting to
> me, like the configurable lucene indexing, the ocm, and I must miss some
> others, but I don't really think it will be the good version for a press release.

I hear you and will certainly take your points home. It might be
better to wait for Jackrabbit 2.0 before going for more major

> Maybe I'm not supposed to answer your mail, as I'm not a member of Day,
> and even not an official Jackrabbit developer, but now you have my point of
> view, whether you want it or not ;)

Your feedback is definitely very valuable! In fact I value it equally
or even more than input from the same frame of reference that I come
from. Diversity of opinions and needs is vital for growing and
sustaining a vibrant open source community.


Jukka Zitting
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