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From "Miro Walker" <miro.wal...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: NGP: Value records
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 23:13:31 GMT

On 4/25/07, Alexandru Popescu ☀ <the.mindstorm.mailinglist@gmail.com> wrote:
> I may be misreading something, but my main concern with this approach
> is that while minimizing the size of the storage (which is very cheap
> right now and almost infinite) it has a penalty on the access
> performance: needing 2 "I/O" operations for reading a value. The
> caching strategy may address this problem, but even if memory is also
> cheap it is still limitted. So, while I see this solution fit for
> cases where huge amounts of duplicate data would be stored, for all
> the other cases I see it as suboptimal.

Hm - not sure I agree with the assumption that storage is
cheap/infinite. Try dealing with backups / etc on a repository that is
50GB in size, then try with 100GB+ - it gets to be a major headache.
Even with lots of bandwidth, copying 100GB over a WAN can do all sorts
of nasty things, like crash firewalls, etc. With a versioning
repository using multiple workspaces, disk space usage can grow
extremely fast and we're finding we have many GB of data, 90%+ of
which is duplicates. Something like what Jukka is suggesting would
help enourmously. I guess it's one of those "depends on the use case"
things :-)

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