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From "Stefan Kurla" <stefan.ku...@gmail.com>
Subject Fwd: understanding jackrabbit datastorage
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 15:00:05 GMT
I guess this is more suited for the dev list. Also, I could figure
this out by tracing the code, but I would appreciate if someone who
has already worked on this could explain. Would help in understanding
the system a little bit better and save a little bit time.

How is the data actually stored in jackrabbit say using mysql for
example and we are just using the default workspace.

Say the structure is
--folderA:nt:folder (propertyX:references fileB)

There is the default_binval which has binval_id and binval_data.
### Is this table used to store binary data, where binval_id is the
uuid of the jcr:content that this is referring to and binval_data is
the actual bytestream blob data

There is default_node which has node_id and node_data.
###How is this used?

default_prop with prop_id and prop_data
###How is this used?

default_refs with node_id and refs_data
###How is this used?

My question then is how would the database store the uuids or nodes of
the structure that is defined above. Very simple structure but to
understand how this structure is actually translated to be stored in
the database would be helpful.


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