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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Apache Jackrabbit 1.3 release plan
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 08:09:22 GMT

I finally managed to put together the 1.3 release plan although I've
been working towards the release already for a while. So, here goes...

The issue list for the 1.3 release is almost done, the only remaining
issue that I'd like to have fixed before the release is:

  [JCR-798] - ConcurrentModificationException during logout

Please speak up now if there are other open issues that you'd need
already in this release.

Since everything looks good, I'm planning to branch 1.3 and create the
first release candidate already this weekend. Assuming no major issues
are encountered and that JCR-798 is fixed, I will follow with the
release vote already next week (targetting Tuesday, 17th).

See below for the initial release summary and the list of resolved issues.


Apache Jackrabbit 1.3 is an incremental feature release. The most
notable changes in this release are support for query result
highlighting and a new persistence manager that is considerably faster
than the previous persistence managers. Many smaller improvements and
bug fixes are also included.

New features

  [JCR-650] - SimpleJbossAccessManager
  [JCR-755] - Add Bundle Persistence Managers
  [JCR-757] - Allow multiple producers to feed/consume journal
  [JCR-781] - RMI: Allow custom socket factories
  [JCR-820] - Add support for query result highlighting
  [JCR-837] - MatchAllQuery does not implement extractTerms()


  [JCR-390] - Move text extraction into a background thread
  [JCR-415] - Enhance indexing of binary content
  [JCR-689] - Minimize calls to PersistenceManager
  [JCR-694] - Remove query handler idleTime
  [JCR-697] - .war distribution should be configurable, prompting you ...
  [JCR-701] - Upgrade to Xerces 2.8.1
  [JCR-704] - Enable maven-source-plugin
  [JCR-706] - RTFTextExtractor should also support mime type text/rtf
  [JCR-717] - Upgrade to SLF4J 1.3
  [JCR-726] - Improve NodeTypeRegistry.effectiveNodeType()
  [JCR-734] - Update namespace uri for prefix fn
  [JCR-749] - Add myqsql ddl for clustering (DatabaseJournal)
  [JCR-760] - Default blob size for mysql ddl too small
  [JCR-765] - DatabasePersistenceManager: don't log exceptions for each ...
  [JCR-766] - Remove Maven 1 files
  [JCR-767] - Use Maven dependency management
  [JCR-770] - Path should implement Serializable
  [JCR-776] - More verbose message on reference constraint violation
  [JCR-791] - Improve performance of MatchAllScorer
  [JCR-801] - Support for single-workspace repositories
  [JCR-803] - Improve performance of DescendantSelfAxisQuery
  [JCR-804] - Avoid using MultiTermDocs
  [JCR-805] - Introduce a temprary cache for intermediate query results
  [JCR-807] - UUIDDocId should check IndexReader using equals()
  [JCR-808] - Better error message for non-trivial nodetype changes
  [JCR-809] - Misleading method names in SetValueBinaryTest
  [JCR-810] - Typos in method names in test classes ...
  [JCR-818] - test granularity for calendar (date) properties
  [JCR-830] - SetValueBinaryTest: some repositories have constraints on ...

Bug fixes

  [JCR-622] - Auto Reconnect for RMI Repository
  [JCR-692] - XMLPersistenceManager fails after creating too many ...
  [JCR-700] - Tests fail with NoClassDefFoundError: org/w3c/dom/...
  [JCR-705] - PdfTextExtractor does not close temp file in case of ...
  [JCR-719] - XPath parser ignores parent axis
  [JCR-720] - TCK: NodeReadMethodsTest#testGetPrimaryItemItemNot...
  [JCR-724] - PropertyReadMethodsTest.testIsSame leaks session
  [JCR-727] - NamespaceRegistryTest uses an invalid URI as namespace URI
  [JCR-737] - unexpected session is used in XATest.testAddNodeCommit()
  [JCR-739] - String literal must not interpret entity references
  [JCR-743] - XA Transaction Recovery
  [JCR-745] - TCK: more tests assuming that 'addMixin' immediately ...
  [JCR-746] - TCK: check for wrong repository descriptor. should be ...
  [JCR-747] - TCK: observation tests are too restrictive
  [JCR-753] - Creation of JavaDoc fails on jackrabbit-jcr-server
  [JCR-756] - Concurrent add/remove child node operations in a ...
  [JCR-773] - Under heavy load, database journal may contain empty ...
  [JCR-780] - Simultaneous updates by multiple sessions might not ...
  [JCR-782] - TCK: LockTest.testGetLock compares Nodes with equals
  [JCR-783] - TCK: SerializationTest.helpTestSaxException casts ...
  [JCR-785] - Updates to multiple workspaces (e.g. in a transaction) ...
  [JCR-786] - OracleBundlePersistenceManager needs special blob ...
  [JCR-787] - Missing equals and hashcode preventing the re-use of ...
  [JCR-792] - after enabling access manager, I can't createNode and ...
  [JCR-795] - Sessions are not logged out in case of exceptions
  [JCR-796] - AbstractQueryTest does not handle unknown result size ...
  [JCR-797] - Typo in the deploy/jboss/4.x/jcr-ds.xml file
  [JCR-798] - ConcurrentModificationException during logout
  [JCR-806] - Scorer.skipTo() does not initialize hits
  [JCR-814] - Oracle bundle PM fails checking schema if 2 users use ...
  [JCR-815] - SQLException with OracleBundle PM in name index
  [JCR-816] - MSSql and MySQL bunlde PM schemas missing definition for ...
  [JCR-821] - Document View Import: ISO 9075-encoded element/attribute ...
  [JCR-824] - Problems with File Copy using WebDAV
  [JCR-825] - WebDAV: LocatorFactoryImplEx doesn't properly evaluate ...
  [JCR-827] - SetValueFormatExceptiontest.testNode() relies on ...
  [JCR-828] - CheckPermissionTest-testCheckPermission() doesn't allow ...
  [JCR-831] - NPE Exception Thrown By AbstractJournal During Commit Operation
  [JCR-835] - Java 1.4 compile error in Eclipse
  [JCR-841] - BundleDbPersistenceManager does not work with MySQL


Jukka Zitting

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