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From Viraf Bankwalla <viraf_bankwa...@yahoo.com>
Subject Jackrabbit Scalability / Performance
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 01:54:32 GMT
 I am working on an application in which documents arriving at a mail-room are scanned and
placed in a content repository. I need basic functionality to add, locate and retrieve artifacts
to the repository. JSR-170 provides these basic services, however the interface looks chatty.
 To address chattyness and performance issues associated with large documents, I am planning
on exposing coarse grained business services (which use the local JCR interface).  Given that
these are scanned images, I do not need the document to be indexed.  I do however need to
be able to search on the metadata associated with a document.  I was wondering if:

   Has anyone built an application similar to that described above?  What version of Jackrabbit
was used, and what were the issues that you ran into.  How much meta-data did a node carry,
what was the average depth of a leaf node, and how many nodes did you have in the implementation
before performance became an issue.
   I am considering on building a cluster of servers providing repository services. Can the
repository be clustered ? (a load balancer in front of the repository will distribute requests
to a pool of repository servers.).
   How does the repository scale? can it handle > 50Million artifacts (if the artifacts
are placed on the file system does Alfresco manage the directory structure or are all files
placed in a single directory)
   Is there support for auditing access to documents ?
   Is there support for defining archival / retention policies? 

   Is there support for backups ?


- viraf

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