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From Nithya Mani <nit...@webmethods.com>
Subject RE: is XPath possible on property value?
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 10:36:04 GMT

We can search content based on the xpath in an xml file. If we import an xml
under a particular node, you could make xpath search.  For example consider
the below xml 


If we import this under the node called 'ShoppingCentre', we could execute
the query with the xpath
'//ShoppingCentre/Addresses/Address/Name/jcr:xmltext' to get the Name node.
I think Jukka has also meant the same.


Nithya Mani
Senior Developer, webMethods
IM: nithya_infravio (Yahoo)
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From: Jukka Zitting [mailto:jukka.zitting@gmail.com] 
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 2:23 PM
To: dev@jackrabbit.apache.org
Subject: Re: is XPath possible on property value?


On 2/19/07, Malligarjunan Sidduraj
<Malligarjunan.Sidduraj@webmethods.com> wrote:
> Can we apply XPath on a particular Property value which is a type of
> application/xml.
> We can do XPath on JCR tree Hierarchy that I know.
>         Ex : "//blog[@blogauthor = 'wsdl'
> In that above example I want apply the XPath on Property value?
> Like "//blog[@blogauthor = (XPATH Query) or some  XPath Query on content?

No, that's not possible. If possible, you might want to consider
modifying your content model so that instead of storing XML in your
properties you expand the content into normal JCR nodes and


Jukka Zitting

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