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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Adding two iterator methods to PersistenceManager interface
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 19:30:33 GMT

On 2/14/07, Nicolas <ntoper@gmail.com> wrote:
> I wish to add two methods to PersistenceManager Interface. They would return
> an Iterator object of the content of the persistence manager. They would be
> optimized for iterating on all the NodeState and PropertyState stored in a
> specific persistence layer.

You tell us how but forgot to mention why. :-) The rationale for this
change is to allow the backup tool to efficiently retrieve all the
content within a persistence manager.

Some comments:

1) I don't think you need two separate methods for this, as you could
just request all ItemStates. Otherwise an implementation like the
XMLPersistenceManager needs to traverse the underlying storage twice.

2) I now I originally suggested the Iterator approach, but after
thinking more about this I think the Visitor pattern fits the
requirements better. A returned Iterator gives the control of the
operation to the client and might cause a returned ResultSet or
something similar to be referenced indefinitely. The Visitor pattern
guarantees that any resources required for the item state traversal
are only needed for the duration of the method call. My
counterproposal would thus be:

     * Accepts the given item state visitor to visit <em>all</em> the
item states
     * within this persistence manager. The order in which the item
states are visited
     * is not specified. The visitor should not try to call back to
this persistence manager
     * during the visit.
     * @param visitor item state visitor
     * @throws ItemSateException if the item states could not be traverses
    void accept(ItemStateVisitor visitor) throws ItemStateException;


     * Item state visitor. Used to traverse all the item states within a
     * persistence manager.
    interface ItemStateVisitor {

         * Visits a node state.
         * @param state node state
        void visit(NodeState state);

         * Visits a property state.
         * @param state property state
        void visit(PropertyState state);


This even solves quite elegantly the typing issue related to point 1) above.

> Since I do not expect all persistence manager to implement this new
> interface, I will write a fallback generic iterator method in
> AbstractPersistenceManager. It will iterate on the repository graph (using
> load and getChildNodeEntries methods). Hence, this feature wille be provided
> to all persistence manager.

3) It's not guaranteed that all persistence managers extend the
AbstractPersistenceManager class. It's better if you create an
extension interface like VisitablePersistenceManager:

     * Persistence manager that supports traversal of the all item
states by a visitor.
    interface VisitablePersistenceManager implements Persistencemanager {

        void accept(ItemStateVisitor visitor) throws ItemStateException;


and use the fallback in case a persistence manager doesn't implement
this extension:

    ItemStateVisitor visitor = ...;
    PersistenceManager manager = ...;
    if (manager instanceof VisitablePersistenceManager) {
        ((VisitablePersistenceManager) manager).accept(visitor);
    } else {
        // use the fallback implementation


Jukka Zitting

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