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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Building a Jackrabbit roadmap
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 10:36:32 GMT
hi jukka

> JSR 283
> -------
> The JCR 2.0 spec being specified by JSR 283 will be a major source of
> new features to be added in Jackrabbit within the next year or so. The
> current plan is to target Jackrabbit 2.0 as the JSR 283 reference
> implementation, which means that we'll need to have at least some sort
> of an implementation of all the new features being introduced by the
> updated spec.
> I'd like to use the JSR 283 public review draft as the baseline
> requirements document for Jackrabbit 2.0. Once the draft is out we
> should create feature requests for all the major changes and start
> working on an iterative plan to get all the features implemented by
> the 2.0 release. If possible, we should introduce some of the new
> features already during the 1.x release cycle, perhaps by including
> any API changes in jackrabbit-api instead of depending on any
> jcr-2.0.jar snapshots.

when i went through the jsr283 specification in december 06,
i started with such a listing (a very simply one though) in
order to get an overview abouth things that need to be added
or modified both in the SPI layer and in the JCR implementation
(currently focusing on jcr2spi).

if you want me too, i can provide you that overview. since
quite some changes were made to jsr283 for the last f2f,
i might be missing a couple things, but the older stuff
should more or less complete.

kind regards

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