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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Apache Jackrabbit 1.2 release plan
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 11:45:59 GMT

The issue list for the 1.2 release is quickly converging, so here's a
hopefully final update to the release plan. Currently there are only
two open issues (JCR-585 and JCR-670) remaining, and I consider only
JCR-585 a blocker for the release. Other minor fixes might still get
included in the release if time permits.

Since this release contains a number of both structural and functional
changes, I'd like to reserve some time for testing and stabilization
of the codebase before building the release. To achieve this without
blocking development in the svn trunk I'm planning to create the 1.2
branch during next weekend. I will then create one or two candidate
builds from the branch to gather feedback, and proceed with the
official release vote once all potential issues are resolved.

See below for a summary of the planned release. Comments and
suggestions are still welcome. Please speak up now if you still want
some new feature or improvement included in the release. After
branching 1.2 during next weekend I don't plan including anything else
than essential bug fixes in the release.

The Apache Jackrabbit 1.2 release contains a number of improvements
and new features over the previous releases. Most notable changes
include the introduction of a clustering feature and various query
improvements. The build environment has been upgraded to Maven 2 along
with updates to the project structure and new versions of the  Apache
Lucene and Apache Derby dependencies. See below for the complete list
of changes:

New Feature

    * [JCR-332] - Upgrade to Maven 2
    * [JCR-585] - Create jackrabbit-api(.jar) and the respective ...
    * [JCR-613] - Implementation of a memory file system
    * [JCR-619] - CacheManager (Memory Management in Jackrabbit)
    * [JCR-623] - Clustering
    * [JCR-638] - Support lower-/upper-case functions


    * [JCR-247] - Child axis support for XPath predicates
    * [JCR-352] - Upgrade to Lucene 2.0
    * [JCR-545] - New method on NodeTypeManagerImpl to reregister nodetypes
    * [JCR-584] - Improve handling of concurrent node modifications
    * [JCR-595] - Refactoring of the Persistence Managers
    * [JCR-610] - Upgrade to Derby 10.2
    * [JCR-612] - Restructure the Jackrabbit source tree
    * [JCR-618] - Replace WeakIdentityCollection in StateChangeDispacher
    * [JCR-626] - Move document type definition out of repository.xml
    * [JCR-633] - DerbyPersistenceManager only usable for embedded databases
    * [JCR-645] - DatabasePersistenceManager & DatabaseFileSystem: try to ...
    * [JCR-651] - Improve performance for queries with large result sets
    * [JCR-660] - SQL Parser fails with SQL 92 timestamp format
    * [JCR-667] - Variant spelling "Trasaction" and "Transaction" now in ...
    * [JCR-668] - Allow pseudo properties in query relation
    * [JCR-669] - Move NamespaceMappings/Index from lucene to namespace ...
    * [JCR-670] - LocalNamespaceMappings does not make use of NameCache ...


    * [JCR-441] - Session logout doesn't release locks acquired using ...
    * [JCR-546] - Deadlock during checkin
    * [JCR-614] - Weird locking behaviour in CachingHierarchyManager
    * [JCR-617] - CachingHieraarchyManager may serve moved items
    * [JCR-627] - Deprecated Serializer does not properly delegate method ...
    * [JCR-628] - OutOfMemory problem: HandleMonitor does not release ...
    * [JCR-632] - VersionManager lock not released in some circumstances
    * [JCR-641] - can't add lock token to session after 3 login/logout
    * [JCR-648] - NullpointerException in SessionItemStateManager
    * [JCR-656] - JCR-Server: Allow header misses colong ...
    * [JCR-659] - import of multivalue properties with single value ...
    * [JCR-661] - RMIC not working in subprojects when compiling ...


Jukka Zitting

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