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From Roland Kofler <roland.kof...@systemone.at>
Subject AccessManager + CachingHierarchyManager problem
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 15:45:09 GMT
Hi all,

we have a problem in our application using jackrabbit and I'm not sure
whether this is due to a design flaw or a misunderstanding of the
jackrabbit api.

so here's the problem:
we use our own implementation of a AccessManager, so what we do is, we
let our own S1AccessManagerImpl extend the SimpleAccessManager and
implement our own interface (S1AccessManager).
The problem we have is the implementation of the CachingHierarchyManager,
to which the SimpleAccessManager holds a reference.

Let's consider following example:
i add 3 subnodes (a,b,c) to a node and after that i reorder b and c ..
so i have a,c,b. in the process of reordering (using the function
orderBefore of javax.jcr.Node) our AccessManager is called several times 
to check the permissions of the nodes. In this AccessManager we use some
functions of the CachingHierarchyManager, f.ex.

Path itemPath = hierMgr.getPath(id);
return itemPath.denotesRoot();


Path itemPath = hierMgr.getPath(itemId);
Path parentPath = itemPath.getAncestor(1);
return hierMgr.resolvePath(parentPath);

the problem is, that when calling the methods of the
CachingHierarchyManager the nodes i ask for will be cached in the 
idCache in a wrong state (i. e.: before actually reordering the elements).
so if i want f.ex. delete the node b after reordering, the node will
be looked up in the idCache. in the cache the index of node b is still 2
(actually it should be 3) and so the wrong node will be deleted!

so, any ideas how to solve this problem? can the methods of the
CachingHierarchyManager be replaced by some non-persisting method calls
(maybe PathBuilder??).

thx, Roland

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